2011/7/7 Rugxulo <rugx...@gmail.com>:
> All keyboards aren't all the same, though, which is why it's best not
> to hardcode key settings or use anything too obscure. My old 486 had a
> Macro key (available to use in SETEDIT via included TSR), my P166 had
> a Turbo key (typematic rate?), my laptop doesn't even have Pause/Break
> nor SysReq (does any DOS software use that???) nor numpad (natch,
> though some few laptops do). And of course that makes things like
> Ctrl-Break or Ctrl-Alt-SysReq-R-E-I-S-U-B impossible!   ;-)   Oh, and
> Eric (Auer) only buys 102-key keyboards (no Win or Menu keys, which
> most DOS apps ignore anyways except TDE). I think (old) XKEYB allowed
> for some user-defined stuff for those keys (0xE0 prefix???), but since
> XKEYB is deprecated, I guess it doesn't matter here.

This should be possible with FD-KEYB too. The only xkeyb thing that is
not implemented is the so-called "X-Functions", which allows your TSR
to do a CALL FAR upon pressing some key.


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