Here's some additional information about the file system
errors I've been getting.

    Today I tried to use the 32-bit kernel (2040), and both
ChkDsk and Defrag ran normally. ChkDsk did not detect any
errors, and Defrag did its job as usual.

    Immediately after that, I reverted to the 16-bit kernel
(2040) and tried to run ChkDsk again, just to test it. ChkDsk
simply did not run, just like yesterday, and displayed the same
kind of error messages, for instance:

    \FDOS\INI is a directory without '..'
    \RECURSOS doesn't contain an '.' as first entry
    Error accessing the volume

    I tried copying one of these directories from disk C to D,
and the errors are also copied. That is bad news, because I do
not know how to fix the disk. Fortunately, the computer is still
working normally, but clearly there is something amiss.

    There is also another symptom that I find strange, but I will
report it, whatever its value.

    For several years, I have repeatedly observed that for some
periods of time, typically a few weeks, all the Euphoria
programs that I use daily would  become much slower to load.
Then, for no apparent reason, they  would come back to their
usual fast loading, and remain that way for some more weeks.

    This happened with more than one hard disk, and more than
one motherboard.

    Earlier this year, in one of those periods when Euphoria was
slow, I noticed it became fast again after I ran  ChkDsk and
Defrag. I thought there might be a relation, and started using
ChkDsk and Defrag on a reguar basis.

I never had another period of slowness with Euphoria, but then,
Starting yesterday, it is again slow -- precisely when the file
system errors appeared. It would seem that the two things are
related, although I cannot even imagine how.

    The loading delay is very noticeable. What usually took half
a second now takes 3-4 sec. I run these programs many times
every day.

    I'm now using the 32-bit 2040 kernel, because none of these
errors has ever appeared under the previous 32-bit kernels, and
I'm hoping they will not appear under the new one either
[fingers crossed].

    Any advice is welcome.


Marcos Favero Florence de Barros
Campinas, Brazil

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