Hi Bernd,

> Thanks for reporting the issues you're experiencing with the
> FAT16  kernels, multiple versions.

I'm the one who should say thanks, because as a user I'm the
beneficiary of your work :-) Besides, this gives me a sense of

> Latest FreeDOS CHKDSK is 0.92

That's the one I'm using.

> Do you have a way of verifying file/filesystem/disk integrity
> outside of FreeDOS?

If it can be done with a Linux\Ubuntu computer, then yes. I
would probably need help on how to do it.

Alain mentioned Norton utilities 8, but unfortunately I do not
have it.

> maybe I'll find some opportunity to try and see if I can
> reproduce your issues (CHKDSK on FAT16 kernels reporting errors
> with files, while on FAT32 kernels no such issues).

There is a possibility that this is not a 'real' problem in the
hard drive, but just some incompatibility between ChkDsk and the
FAT16 kernels.

Yesterday Euphoria was slow, and it returned to normal after I
ran ChkDsk and Defrag (under kernel FAT32 of course).  I mention
this again because it is currently the only indication I have
that ChkDsk and Defrag  are doing their job.


Marcos Favero Florence de Barros
Campinas, Brazil

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