Hey guys,
   I just read an e-mail newsletter from SourceForge. They seem to
send these out every month or so. I like reading the Top 25 projects,
but it's usually the same ol' boring stuff (some obscure CMS, MinGW,
7-Zip, Notepad++, Portable Apps, etc).

However, this time (July 2011), guess what? #17 is FreeDOS!   ;-)   I
assume the story on OS News gathered a lot of interest / traffic to
justify this.

Top 25 Projects (July 2011):

17. The FreeDOS Project: FreeDOS is a free DOS-compatible operating system
for IBM-PC compatible systems. FreeDOS is made of up many different,
separate programs that act as packages to the overall FreeDOS Project.
FreeDOS is distributed under the GNU GPL.

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