Op 18-7-2011 19:03, Ralf A. Quint schreef:
> It does not only take a(ny) packet driver for him to get working, it
> would take additional software to deal with WEP/WPA encryption and
> most importantly, the wireless setup and functionality like dealing
> with SSID, channel, etc as well. That are all things that simply do
> not apply in a wired setup...
> DOS and packet drivers simply pre-date wireless networking, hence he
> will simpy be SOL...

The DRDOS website has some networking info at:

that includes a few specific wireless cards, but I'm not sure which 
interface is used (cardbus? pcmcia? some kind of pci-express? usb?).

For desktops it's relatively easy to get a network card for which a 
packetdriver exists. Combine it with PowerLine adapters and you have a 
relatively wireless solution.

I've not heared of anyone recently writing packet drivers for cards at 
all, even with an open spec and opensource drivers.

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