> They works when I DEVLOAD them post boot-up, but the USB flash drive
> steals the DVD-RW drive's letter (E:\ in my case). USBUHCI, and
> USBDRIVE don't work at all for me. It not only wont load my USB
> drives, it doesn't even find them. Strangely enough if I load them
> before USBASPI/NJ32DISK, my flash drive is assigned M:\ instead.

Send me an e-mail (bretjohn at juno.com) and we can try to get your USB disks 
to work.  I don't think this Forum isn't the correct place to do it, though.  
It may be pretty simple to fix.  I'm guessing that you are simply running 
"USBUHCIL" with no options, which will only install the driver for the "first" 
USB host controller, and you may not be plugging your disks into the first one. 
 The M:\ thing also makes sense if you are installing USBDRIVE with no options, 
since USBDRIVE "reserves" drive letters that will be used when you do plug in 
some disks.

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