Op 20-7-2011 4:17, Virii schreef:
>> What exactly goes wrong when you do what?
>> At which step? Which error messages do you
>> get, or do things hang? Crash? What sorts
>> of everything did you try, what happened?
> It hangs at the language selection screen. The very bottom selection of the
> main menu looks for a non-existent FDBOOTCD.ISO. The readme states that it
> should load the ISO into a ramdisk. Etc...

Language selection: think I fixed that last night.
Bottom selection: decided to keep things easy this time, without ISO 
inside CD/ISO. Easily enough added again, the UPDATE batchfile which is 
on the A: part (\ISOLINUX\FDBOOT.IMG) creates the inner ISO (which is 
uploaded as TEST2) followed by the outer ISO (which I uploaded as TEST1 
earlier) on ramdisk (64MB required at least). After modifications 
followed by creation of both ISOs, you can decided for yourself which 
ISO to copy to harddisk.

> But, nevermind. [Smacks self in forehead...]

hehe. They're test releases for a reason, I'm not able to fix and 
improve everything right away and in perfectly usable shape.

> I simply extracted the contents of the ISO to the C:\ partition, and
> successfully ran the setup from there.
> It complained about a few missing packages like doslfn, wattcp, wget, ...,
> but it installed. Can I just copy over the 'doslfn' from an older version's
> disc, or is that feature compiled into kernel now?

Copy all you want, directory structure was modified a bit without 
telling the installer. As a consequence, the package is present but not 

> They works when I DEVLOAD them post boot-up, but the USB flash drive steals
> the DVD-RW drive's letter (E:\ in my case). USBUHCI, and USBDRIVE don't work
> at all for me. It not only wont load my USB drives, it doesn't even find
> them. Strangely enough if I load them before USBASPI/NJ32DISK, my flash
> drive is assigned M:\ instead.

Strange indeed. CD-ROM driveletter can be altered if you want:
option 1: SHSUCDX /D:FDCD0001,X
option 2: SHSUCDX /D:FDCD0001 /L:X

Your drivers taking over early driveletters is something I can't help, 
no experience with the USB drivers you mention.
A commercial/trialware USB stack is at http://www.georgpotthast.de/usb/ 
, might work, or not. Worked for me yet lacks functionality and disables 
USB legacy stuff so I ended up with a non-functioning keyboard till reboot.

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