Op 24-7-2011 5:59, Juan Castro schreef:
> Upgraded to VirtualBox 4.1, used the settings you said, and UIDE loads
> fast now. (And CD access still works.) But I don't get an EDD error, I
> get this:

remove the /N1 again to enable harddisk caching. Glad that UIDE loads 
fast again.

I wonder if there's a difference in PCI devices we can check for.
Initial CD driver loading for installation is easy anyway: stick to 
ELTORITO.SYS. However that only works for booting from CD, thus an 
installed FreeDOS requiring Jeremy's mentioned options.

> UIDE, 6-16-2011.     5-MB Cache, CD/DVD name is FDCD0001.
> No V2.0+ PCI, BIOS I/O only!
> CD0: IDE0 Secondary-master, VBOX CD-ROM, PIO.

This is odd, lazy PCI implementation by VirtualBox I guess.

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