Op 24-7-2011 20:26, Rugxulo schreef:
> Why? I mean, sure /S5 is fine, I'm not complaining, but you *could*
> use Eric's XMSSIZE:
> http://ericauer.cosmodata.virtuaserver.com.br/soft/specials/xms-size-info-xmssizer.zip
> EDIT: Oh wait, that wouldn't work in CONFIG.SYS. But wait, you're
> using DEVLOAD (tricky bastard), so it just might!    ;-)

Jack's driver only accepts certain values. This might be intentional due 
to specific caching algorythms.
Using XMSSIZE I'd still have to use a lot of errorlevel stuff:
if not errorlevel 5 , then use /B /N1 /N3
if not errorlevel 10, then use /S5
if not errorlevel .. etc.
if errorlevel 80, then use /S%errorlevel% (limited to 255 as that's 
errorlevel maximum).

All above is based on 'how much XMS is currently available' but also 
ignores the 'how much should I leave available for programs I'd like to 
run' (8MB system using 5MB cache means trouble for games and Windows).

I like automatic calculations and roundings in a program itself, just as 
is currently done for invalid sizes (unless aborting completely).

Purely a cosmetic feature, just like the shown device name on:
(no CD drives handled, UIDE$ char device created, FDCD0001 char device 
not created, but FDCD0001 char device still listed in sign-on message).

Anyway all of this isn't important, just some thoughts.
Thanks for mentioning Johnson Lam posted these drivers, I'll update my 
CD. Makes much easier documentation: "if slow in VirtualBox, add /E"

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