As noted earlier by Rugxulo, Johnson Lam has now posted
the 22-Jul-2011 DRIVERS.ZIP file on his website at:

Thus, the new UIDE and UIDE-S, with their /E "emulator"
switch for use by VirtualBox, are "officially" released
and users need not E-Mail me directly for the files.

Users who had been running UIDE /N1 (no hard-disks), to
avoid VirtualBox problems, can now try UIDE /E instead.
/N1 causes UIDE to totally ignore all hard-disks, while
/E does permit hard-disk data to get cached, after UIDE
"calls the BIOS" to do disk I-O.   This is much better!

Jack R. Ellis

Magic Quadrant for Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention
Research study explores the data loss prevention market. Includes in-depth
analysis on the changes within the DLP market, and the criteria used to
evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of these DLP solutions.
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