On Sat, Jul 30, 2011 at 6:47 AM, JPT <j.p...@gmx.net> wrote:
> tried the floppy to partition and format the hardisk.
> It works if I choose not to load any drivers. ^^
> ie.
> 1 - Install FreeDOS...
> 3 - Dont load any drivers at all
> In the other cases, I get crashes.
> 1 - Use default settings
> results in a JemmEx errormessage after loading the kernel.
> JemmEx: exception 06 occured ad cs:eip 02a3:...6af,errc 0
> after pressing escape
> JemmEx: exception 06 occured ad cs:eip 02a3:...15ae,errc 0
> again pressing escape gives an a: prompt

Try JEMM386 manually but with "ultra safest" combination. Quoting from


This is the safest combination. If this doesn't work, Jemm most.
likely isn't compatible with the current DOS/BIOS..

(Though I'd be surprised if even that didn't work.)

> 2 - use alternative xms memory manager (xmgr)
> results in invalid opcode after loading the kernel.

Seriously? That's weird. You really must have a buggy BIOS or
something (which I find hard to believe if Windows presumably works on
that machine).

Make sure you're using the latest version, though:


BTW, did you try HIMEMX?


> This is for hardware
> P3-800, Asus Cubx board, Intel i440BX
> chip, 384MB of RAM, Network 3Com 3c905b

What other OSes can run well there, I wonder.

> On Oracle VirtualBox it works, but takes a long time searching the IDE
> bus. (did not attach a harddrive)

Hmmm, so you must be running *something*! So that's good, at least.   ;-)

> Now these problems are documented and the drive is formatted, I will try
> the old installer CD again.

There's no real reason to (re)try the "old" installer. Moreso, only
the new one (1.1 test #3) is being developed and has newer (hopefully
less buggy) stuff.

> ps. I made screenshots, but I did not attach them to this email. so if
> you need more details, give me an email adress where to send them.

rugxulo _AT_ gmail _DOT_ com

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