Op 30-7-2011 16:48, Rugxulo schreef:

> Which one? Does it have to be a TSR or is cmdline after-the-fact "good 
> enough"?


It's already on the FD1.1 CD in the \FREEDOS\CUSTOM\PACKAGES\BASE 
directory. Simply do a:

Which reminds me of a bugfix I should likely perform: don't execute 
SAMCFG package contents (more than once) if it exists in destination 
directory. Perhaps also an idea to copy INSTALL to installed FD1.1 just 
to be able to install other packages from a FD1.0 CD for example.

for %%x in ( %1\PACKAGES\BASE\*.ZIP ) do if exist %%x goto custom
for %%x in ( %_CWD%\PACKAGES\BASE\*.ZIP ) do if exist %%x goto goodinst
echo SETUP could not find any packages to install, cancelling installation.
goto cleanup

CDD %1
goto goodinst

if exist %_CWD%\PACKAGES\BASE\SAMCFGX.ZIP set showpost=yes
set tz=UTC
rem TZ variable required external file (in path): UNZIP (Infozip 6.00)
echo Package installation to harddisk completed.
rem Assuming INSTALL switched to target directory after finishing
rem Any errorlevels to consider for branching?
if exist POSTINST.BAT goto dopost
if not "%showpost%"=="" goto showpost
goto cleanup

set showpost=
echo Please switch to wherever you installed FreeDOS,
echo and type POSTINST to generate configuration files
echo (config.sys / autoexec.bat)
echo Diagnostic info:
echo SETUP called as: %0 %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9
echo SETUP file is: %thisfile%
rem echo SETUP started checking for packages at %cddrv%\PACKAGES\BASE\
if not exist C:\NUL echo No drive C: found, run Fdisk?
goto cleanup

if "%2"=="" pause Press a key to finish installation by generating 
configuration files
goto cleanup

set tz=
set thisfile=
goto end

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