Hi Bernd, Dos386,

> I'd like to see YYYY-MM-DD (with dashes) and without COUNTRY.

... or Japanese YYYYMMDD as Bernd mentioned ...

>> makes sorting files by date so much easier.
> :-)

...or all the other date formattings: You can just set your country
depending on your taste. As long as you do not use nlsfunc, nothing
will try to make your keyboard or font Japanese. Simply pick a place
where date, time and number formats match your taste, e.g. German
dd.mm.yyyy hh:mm 1.000,00 for COUNTRY even if your LANG setting for
strings, DISPLAY fonts (if any) and keyboard layout (if any other
than BIOS default US QWERTY) are totally different ;-)


PS: Note that COUNTRY also influences the "yes no characters" and
currency sign and a few other things... Some countries even have a
slightly specific collate order (e.g. how to sort accented chars).

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