Hi dos386,

>> ... or all the other date formattings
> No point of existence ;-)

I hope zou do not think that about other countries as well...

>> German dd.mm.yyyy hh:mm 1.000,00 for COUNTRY
>> than BIOS default US QWERTY) are totally different
> I prefer to keep things simple (QWERTY, "@" and "\" discoverable)
> and convenient (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) - no need for messing
> up eveything. Anyone has a clue how many permutations of timestamps
> or keyboard exist at all ? In any case, I don't need more than ONE 
> ;-)

Keyboard very many, date / time very few. I think your
preferred style is either "what the American default is
anyway" or maybe a small variant, if default has am/pm.

So I am sure you can find a setting with date and time
style of your taste in the kernel. And I am sure that
you need no drivers for keyboard or fonts, because you
already like the BIOS default settings for those :-)


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