On Tue, 2 Aug 2011, Michael C. Robinson wrote:

> On Wed, 2011-08-03 at 01:12 +0200, Bernd Blaauw wrote:
>> Op 3-8-2011 0:51, Jack schreef:
>>> Re: my 25-Jun-2011 gall-bladder removal, the hospital has
>>> finally sent a $960 bill for my "co-pay" (amount not paid
>>> by my medical insurance company).   I sent a check today.
>> you missed a 'good' opportunity to visit Europe :)
>> Youtube lists some documentaries, guess Michael Moore's "SICKO" movie as
>> well. No comments on that movie hehe, would form a 100-responses thread.
>> All in all healthcare here in Europe is pretty decent and affordable,
>> despite waiting lists for some stuff and costs/contributions rising
>> quite fast. Yay privatizing things and insurance companies becoming a
>> man-in-the-middle.
> Assuming the doctors don't misdiagnose you or use antiquated medical
> techniques and technology, Europe is great.  This is a good time to
> point out that Obama who supposedly fixed medicine in the USA hasn't
> fixed anything.  Here's a thought, break up the pharmaceuticals so
> there is more competition and lower prices for medicine.  Another
> thought, give the health care dollars to the states and make the
> states responsible for administering them.  For one thing, many of us
> don't want: suicide, birth control, or abortion coverage.  Yeah, suicide
> coverage is where national health care is heading.

> Never mind the morality of doctors killing their patients, suicide is 
> cheaper.

I suspect that may be part of the reason why the Oath of Hippocrates 
forbids lethal medicines.  Whether you're for or against it, euthanesia 
should be treated very carefully to avoid even the slightest suggestion 
of just killing someone because it's cheaper.

I'm in the US and Obama's meddling resulted in my insurance costs going 
way up.

Now about "too big to fail"...  How about amending the Sherman Antitrust 
Act so that these companies could be identified and ordered broken up?

David Griffith

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