Hello all, A while back I asked if anyone new about putting Dos games online, 
PC simulators, etc...
And I got several links, that were helpful,.. So far  the one I have been 
useing is "RETRO", by was written by Joris van 
Rantwijkhttp://jorisvr.nl/retro/retroapplet.html as it was the simplest one, at 
first I had some trouble getting my Floppy images for freedos, to work,..but 
then I finally got some good ones.
 Also a while back I noticed a phpBbs Forum, that was starting , I thought I 
saw the link to it at the FreeDos site homepage, but when I tried it it still 
was not running, Dose anyone know anything about that ? I like the idea of a 
forum for free dos, better then the mailing list,..  I guess that is about it,  
 I have a question about editing the config.sys,..  MENU 3 - Load FreeDOS 
without drivers, if I want freedos to just use this option, when it boots, no 
menu, just automaticly loads with no drivers,..How should it be ?(config.sys) 
sorry if this seems like a "dumb",   question, but I don't know. I guess thats 
about it,..if anyone is interested, they can see what I did,with RETRO and 
FreeDos, at :http://creativeminds.webege.com/RETRO-04/retro-0.4/retroapplet.html
  Also any suggestions, or comments, more info on this are 
Thanks From  Garry Ricketson

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