Op 4-8-2011 14:32, dos386 schreef:
>> * number: nnn.nnn.nnn,xyz (european)
> Why not 18'446'744'073'709'551'615 ??? Comma and dot
> are usually used to separate fractional part: PI = 3.14159265358979

That's a nice idea, though at first glance a bit odd looking. Any 
systems using this upper [`] or ['] ?

>> * separater: ehm no idea.
> Of who or what ?

time and date, currency.

>> * keyboard: QWERTY with EURO (858 thus), still not managed to get a
>> euro-sign in DOS but likely depends on having KEYB loaded, which crashes
> What's the ASCII code of EURO ??? BTW, EURO is
> obsolete and crashing too :-D

€ = alt-0128 (under Windows). Haven't been able to get it recently 
working under DOS due to needing to sort out some issues with KEYB.
[Right-Alt + 5] should also work

>> I think it's less ambiguous to just spell out the month
> Acceptable idea.

How's sorting by month gonna work when it's not numerical?
A directory C:\BACKUP\[YYYYMMDD] is quite nice.

>> And (POSIX?) Linux "date" seems to be similarly unambiguous:
>> Tue Aug  2 18:09:06 CDT 2011

but they use timestamps ranging from 1970 to 2038 or so, so no wonder 
they can represent date any way they like, including timezone stuff.

> Horrible :-( (please supply code to sort such dates !!!)
> What's wrong with:
> "2011-Aug-02 Tue 18:09:06" ???

How's DIR gonna sort by date when AUG goes before JUL due to 
alphabetical issues? Or intending to add code to list the order of months ?

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