Op 6-8-2011 15:46, dos386 schreef:
>> I'm not sure how easy it's to configure Eric's METABOOT.BOT
>> bootsector file to look for a specific kernel name
> "SYS.C" wrote:
>>   "  /K name  : name of kernel to use in boot sector instead of %s\n"

That's hardcoded bootsector(-geometry) you're referring to, sorry.
Basicly you have a bootsector pointing to MetaKern, and then MetaBoot is 
attached/appended to MetaKERN.SYS and reuses metakern's bootsector. That 
way you could use the metakern.sys file that's located on harddisk even 
on a floppy without having to regenerate bootsectors.

Each metaboot instance pointing to a different FreeDOS kernel file 
(KERNEL38.SYS , KERNEL40.SYS etc) would be convenient :)

"metaboot.bot - boot sector that re-uses the boot sector in RAM, set up
                for the case where MetaKern is called metakern.sys
                (So you must use a NEW STYLE MetaKern installation!)"


Likely just a matter of changing kernel name inside source code and 
recompiling with NASM. Some config directive (-D or so was it?) would be 
more convenient :)

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