Hi Eric,

You understood well, but i already have some drivers for the ethernet card,
and the question is: as they are for win32 will they work on freedos? what
kind of extension do they should have and, how do i install a driver?.

I am asking you for intructions since beginning, becouse  i have never
intalled a driver on any dos, i have only just flirted with its file system
and file management commands plus a litle from win xp, and of course some

I just want to crawl a litle the web in command line just as that, and try
arachne and lynx of course.
I hope those networking gurus read this message, or that you be one of


Eric Auer <e.a...@jpberlin.de> wrote on 10 Aug 2011, 03:13 AM:
Subject: Re: [Freedos-user] Connectivity (ethernet card drivers)
>Hi Julio,
>if I understand you correctly, you need:
>- a CD/DVD-RW driver (or just a read-only driver, it does not
>  matter then whether the disks are CD, CD-R, CD-RW or other)
>Try UIDE for the hardware plus SHSUCDX for the filesystem...
>They have verbose documentation but maybe somebody can give
>a short example of what command you want in config/autoexec.
>- a network driver for some "Atheros L2" 100mbps network card
>What do you want to do with the network then? Browse the web,
>using Arachne? I think that also contains a mini mail client?
>Luckily there are some DOS networking gurus on this list :-)
>> no clue how to configure it, consecuense: rw cd/dvd rom unaccesible,
>> freedos intalled, ethernet card: Atheros L2 fast ethernet 10/100 Base-t,
>> the drivers are for windows, i still did not tryed to use them on
>> and i barely know how to.
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