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Asunto: Running (Free)DOS from ROM
Fecha: Fri, 5 Aug 2011 10:08:37 -0700 (PDT)
De: Ruud <>
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Hallo allemaal,

I'm hobbying more then a bit with some old IBM PC-XT (compatibles).
And I found an old REX EPROM card capable of handling up to sixteen
27512s, good for 1 MByte of data. IMHO enough to contain the most used
files of FreeDOS or MS-DOS. But how to do it?

I know I need a kind of device driver to tell DOS with what device, in
this case the EPROM card, is dealing. Problem: drivers are only loaded
_after_ various other files have been loaded. The PC knows this
because the BIOS contains info how to deal with a floppy drive. Or
with an hard disk drive thanks to the EPROM on the HDD card. Having
my own BIOS which I can adapt to my own needs, I won't need an extra
EPROM though :)

I'm sure I could figure it out myself after some time (I think) but if
anybody has done this before and wants to share the knowledge, I would
be very pleased!

Thank you very much in advance!

Groetjes, Ruud Baltissen

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