On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 5:03 AM, iw2evk <marinellucc...@tiscali.it> wrote:
> for working with some pc programmable radio transceivers, i' need a bootable
> cd with freedos and panasonic usb drivers (di100'ddanf usbaspi etc).

Sounds complicated.   :-)

> I've tried the bets cd from freedos 1.1. but failed emm management and breth
> usb drivers.

Have you tried latest test #3 ? Do you have access to a working floppy drive?

Try using F8 to avoid (J)EMM386. Does that help?
BTW, make sure to use Bret's latest, but even that is UHCI only.

> How i can create a bootable cd rom with freedos 1.1. full and panasonic
> drivers.
> Now  i run on main pc Linux puppy lucid 5.2.5 and on older pc without usb
> fredoos 1.0

How old? It can't be that old (before 2000) if you're using USB. You
may have to roll your own .ISO via mkisofs or similar. Unfortunately,
I don't think we're allowed to redistribute Panasonic drivers.

I find it somewhat hard to believe that you need "full" FreeDOS
install here. Try just manually grabbing "BASE" (plus maybe "UTIL")
and whatever extras you need.

P.S. (Sorry this isn't as helpful as I would've liked.)

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