Hi Mike,

> Please, someone go ahead and get the code, form another community, and
> continue development if this project is still worthwhile.

Pity to hear that you are so disappointed about them, but of
course you can only wait and lobby... I mean if people need
a WinNT/Win2k or maybe even newer Windows clone, given that
that a huge task, they will probably fork ReactOS and would
not start a new project from scratch. Or maybe somebody will
simply join ReactOS to give them some more manpower again...
You could lobby to form a group of new ReactOS programmers.

> Is there a way I can complain about the reactos.org site and get them
> sanctioned?  Taking the site down would be a good way to adjust
> attitudes in that community.

I assume that you were the one who insists on getting un-
banned while some others 1. refuse and 2. in parallel try
to discuss useful ReactOS things. Also, as often on IRC,
things are a bit confusing. Some arguments can be heated.

IMHO their main issue seems to be that you kept pointing
to weaknesses of ReactOS that they never fixed. Which is
why both you and the others are so annoyed... Given that
it is their site, forum and IRC they do have the power to
ignore you by banning you... Other moderators might have
had a more diplomatic style, removed or moderated just a
few offending posts, used clear warnings. Bad luck, alas.

Sorry about the tensions between you and ReactOS admins,
but obviously everything is their choice, on their site.
As the IRCers included some admins, you can only hope to
find a way to write more calmly to some of them, off-IRC.
Bernd is right that religion or nazi or whatever similar
"sensitive topics" can make discussions more hurting. Yet
you can only stop a flame war by leaving it alone, sorry.


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