Freedos has it's place.  Unlike ReactOS, Freedos actually works most of
the time.  Partially due to the fact the Freedos is based on something
that is far less complex of course.  This is OT, but the relevance is
that people suggest using ReactOS if and when Windows is wanted here.
As far as don't talk about religion, politics, etcetera, I didn't intend
to really.  An IRC chat channel about ReactOS is political by nature
though where the ReactOS devs and moderators clearly have their own
troublesome politics.  More troubling, I was threatened with arrest if I
get on the ReactOS forums or IRC channel using a different name.  For an
open source project, it seems to me that the developers and moderators
are trying to exert a lot of control over people.  Professionalism is
completely alien to the ReactOS community as far as I can tell, this is
unfortunate and it is why I am recommending the formation of a new
community to take over the project.

Concerning sanction, that could shape up the current developers.  There
need to be consequences for unprofessionalism, faschism, etcetera.  I
honestly wonder if some of the developers are Neo Nazis.  Saying it is
open source, it cannot be censored for this reason, is dangerous.  On
this mailing list, talk like that seen on ReactOS IRC is not allowed.
The people talking like misbehaved children, not the victims, would be
banned from this list.

Freedos is a great system for running orphanware and it is a great
system for someone who needs to learn about operating systems.  I hope
dosbox is something that will work in Syllable.

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