Hi all,

I've been using a 4M disk image that has freedos on it for awhile now to do 
bios updates in my Dell iDRAC.  I'm finally crossing the threshold of available 
space and need to create a new, larger, disk image.

So what process would I go through to create this larger disk image?  Here are 
some of the things that I've done so far from Linux:

1) dd if=/dev/zero of=disk20M.img bs=1m count=20
2) mkdosfs on the disk20M.img
3) grabbed a FDOEM.144 img from the web and dd the boot sector off of it with 
the following:
    dd if=FDOEM.144 of=disk20M.img bs=1 count=446 seek=62 skip=62 conv=notrunc
4) mount -o loop disk20M.img /mnt  <-- and then copy whatever EXE's and such 
that I wanted over to the disk.
5) umount the disk20M.img from /mnt
6) attempt to boot

This process worked for me in the past, but I haven't been able to get it to 
work now that I'm increasing the disk to 20M

Does anyone have any advise on trying to get this to work?


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