Johnson Lam has posted an updated 23-Sep-2011 DRIVERS.ZIP file, with all
UIDE drivers improved, on his website at --


UIDE-S now runs 30 BIOS disks/diskettes and 8 CD/DVD drives, and it also
sets the "UIDE$" default name when no CD/DVD drives are found, making it
more "identical" to the full UIDE.    FreeDOS "autoloader" scripts could
now use UIDE-S, if they can otherwise deal with XMS memory.   I am still
unable to "fit" /N3 switch logic (87 more bytes) in a 7.5K-size UIDE-S!

UIDE2 now leaves the entire 4608-byte driver (exactly 4.5K!) in upper or
DOS memory, when its /HL switch is given.   /HL thus allows a 280-MB HMA
cache for V7.10 MS-DOS and 425-MB+ for other DOS systems -- My own V6.22
MS-DOS can set 600-MB reliably (used to CRASH above 585-MB)!   The 25-MB
larger cache may help V7.10 MS-DOS users, and perhaps others, who want a
"faster" cache for protected mode.   UIDE2 is also back to 34 BIOS units
and 8 CDs/DVDs, "same as UIDE" like before!

UIDE and UIDEJR have "minor" size reductions, and all other drivers have
merely been re-dated to 23-Sep-2011 for consistency, as always.

I hope protected-mode users like the new UIDE2.   Except for differences
in doing "protected caching", it is now "identical" to UIDE in features,
still fits in a 7.5K file, and UIDE2 is one of my best drivers ever!

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