On Thu, 2011-09-29 at 16:27 +0200, Robert Riebisch wrote:
> Single Stage to Orbit wrote:
> > ftp> put alex_was_here
>            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> I guess LFNs are not supported.

Works fine for 8.3 files:

$ ftp -n -p 2021
Connected to (
220 mTCP FTP Server
ftp> user anonymous
331 Anonymous ok, send your email addr as the password
230-Welcome to Mike's PCjr running the mTCP FTP server!  This machine
230-was released by IBM in 1983 and features a 4.77Mhz Nec V20 CPU (an
230-upgrade from the standard 8088), an XT-IDE modified for the PCjr, a
230-Western Digital 8003 Ethernet card, and a 20GB Maxtor hard drive.
230-It is running DOS 3.3 so most of the hard drive is not being used.
230-Please poke around, test things out, report any problems you might
230-have, and enjoy!  Incoming files may be deposited at /incoming, and
230-you can create subdirectories there if needed.      -Mike
230 User logged in
ftp> cd incoming
250 CWD command successful
ftp> put alexwas.ere
local: alexwas.ere remote: alexwas.ere
227 Entering Passive Mode (96,42,66,188,9,203)
150 BINARY type File STOR started
226 Transfer complete
ftp> bye
221 Server closing connection

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