well, I am planning a PC upgrade.
I already realized only a single manufacturer still offers floppy 
controllers. What a shame.
Today I realized old BIOS is gone. And I cannot find much on the 
backwards compatibily of UEFI.
There has to be a "Compatibility Support Module" (CSM) for old operating 
systems. Where does it come from? Some say, from the OS developer. Which 
does not make sense, since you won't ever get it from MS for Windows XP, 
2000 or any DOS.

How do you deal with UEFI PCs?
Does Freedos work with UEFI?

ps. No, Freedos is not going to be my main OS, but I want be able to 
boot from a dos floppy in case of - well - "emergency".

pps. Linus torvalds says "I really think our EFI support is just 
fundamnetally broken."


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