Johnson Lam has posted a new 30-Sep-2011 DRIVERS.ZIP file on
his website at <>.

The UIDE, UIDE2 and UIDE-S drivers can now be assembled from
the UIDE.ASM source file, using a  /dPMDVR  switch for UIDE2
and a  /dMINDVR  switch for UIDE-S ("protected" or "minimum"
options).   The three caching drivers now have common "core"
logic, and each runs 10 controllers, 34 BIOS disks/diskettes
and 8 CD/DVD drives.   A lot less "upgrade work" for me with
only 1 source file, also a bit more "reliability" for users!

XMGR, RDISK, and UIDEJR (quite "different" and still has its
own source file!) are unchanged, and are merely re-dated for
consistency, as always.

Note:  By error, the UIDE2.ASM source may still be included,
in the 30-Sep-2011 DRIVERS.ZIP file.   UIDE2.ASM is obsolete
and should no longer be used -- It shall be deleted soon!

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