Johnson Lam has posted an updated 7-Oct-2011 DRIVERS.ZIP file on
his website, at <>.   The
site still has a "Last Update" date of 9-30, but the files which
download ARE dated 10-07-2011 and have been verified O.K.

This update is not more driver improvements but fixes a "BUG" in
some of the "EDD BIOS" logic being used today!

Daniel Nice noted that on 3 of his 5 systems, a USB memory stick
declared to the BIOS as a "hard disk" caused the UIDE drivers to
"duplicate" his last actual hard disk!   He found the "EDD BIOS"
is NOT updating the "DPTE" pointer for a "USB stick" disk -- The
BIOS declares 30 bytes of EDD data, but in fact returns only 26,
leaving the last actual hard-disk's "DPTE" pointer still there!!
This is clearly an ERROR in the BIOS, that needs to be CORRECTED
by those ["children", usually!] who create BIOS programs!

Daniel suggested a "workaround" of setting the "DPTE" pointer to
all-ones before UIDE issues Int 13h AH=048h.   That worked fine!
The UIDE drivers can again handle all "real" SATA/IDE hard disks
without getting confused when USB-stick "disks" are also in use.

Users should upgrade immediately to the 7-Oct-2011 UIDE drivers,
if (A) their system BIOS lets "USB memory sticks" be declared as
"hard disks" and (B) their system also has one or more REAL hard
disks attached!

Many Thanks to Daniel, who in fact did all my "Leg Work!" in his
analysis and resolution of this Bad BIOS "BUG"!

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