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> Thanks for passing along the article, I hadn't heard about this. Sad news.
> We're losing some big names in technology. I appreciated that the article
> mentioned that Dennis's influence was as great as Steve Jobs, just less 
> visible.

That's an understatement. I mean, somebody would have to be really
clueless to not give mad props to dmr. C is still #1 or #2 (depending
on where you read your stats) in overall language popularity. I blame
GNU.   ;-)

However, dare I take this opportunity to mention that both Jobs and
Ritchie have decent Wikipedia pages, but our beloved Pat has none!
Sadly, I'm not really that knowledgeable about him, so I don't think
I'd write a very good one. Jim? Anybody?  Surely we can give him a
decent legacy.  :-)


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