> Does anyone know if there is a pmtools (
> http://www.lesswatts.org/projects/acpi/utilities.php) port to FreeDOS?
> I need dump the acpitable and extract all tables.

Try FDAPM ACPIDUMP (may need HIMEM) to get an hexdump, e.g.
FDAPM ACPIDUMP > tables.txt

You can cut and paste interesting parts and use e.g.

xxd -r < tables.txt > tables.bin

And you can use e.g. the Linux / Intel acpi stuff to decode
the tables. Sorry for not having a full recipe, but I do
remember that I did it similar to this :-)


PS: The intel stuff (iasl, acpidump, acpitool?) is also
available for different operating systems, I think :-)

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