>> As for me and quite a lot of others, I will use JEMM386,
>> which I consider to be FAR superior and always WILL be!
> What exactly are the advantages of JEMM386?

1) Under current maintenance, not "abandoned" like FD-EMM386.
2) Many never-fixed FD-EMM386 "bugs" ARE fixed in JEMM386, as
    you can read in the JEMM ChangeLog at <>.
3) Part of the FreeDOS "Base Software" list, meaning "Cleverer
    minds than me!" value JEMM386 above FD-EMM386, for FreeDOS.

> Is there a noticeable difference over FD-EMM386 if I am only
> using EMS for ramdisks/drivers?

If you mean the very-old Lotus/Intel/Microsoft "Expanded Memory"
then I cannot comment, as I have never used actual "EMS" memory.

If by "EMS" you actually mean XMS memory, there should be little
performance difference, as the XMS driver handles allocation/use
of that memory.

> Are the bugs dependent on hardware?

Most are not, but a few are.   Read the JEMM ChangeLog, then you
can decide which hardware-dependent problems might have affected
its "predecessor" FD-EMM386.

Jack R. Ellis

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