> [1] Not everybody on the list is a native English speaker.

True.   But I know enough to differentiate between (A) language
problems which I correct, as you can see if you compare Alain's
original post to my answer, and (B) "missing" or "changing" THE
POINT of posts on boards like this!   It was (B) that I decided
to address earlier today.

> [2] You need to calm down.  The tone of many of your postings
>     is borderline hostile.

"Tough Tomatoes" [with "Tomatoes" our polite word].   I reserve
the right to decide for myself if a mild or strong "tone" might
help my readers GET THE MESSAGE!   Given all in recent threads,
I felt my comments and "tone" were NEEDED!   "Hostile" or other
such labels from you ("politically incorrect" is my #1 favorite
by the label-slappers!) can simply be ignored.   After all, one
simply has to live-with "modern" society, doesn't one??

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