For your information (no longer a problem)

Assume I am on Ubuntu Desktop. Then use terminal command sudo dosemu. A 
small (approx. 2" by 4") window appears. I usually  go to full screen in 
2 ways: (1) click in the box in upper right, corner; or (2). use the 
CTRL-ALT-F key combination. The Printscreen key works (brings up my 
Screenshot save file window) with method (1) and not with method (2).

When I exit Dosemu to Ubuntu having used Method (2). I have a 2' black 
band down left side of screen, No band appears when I used Method (1).
I have a NEC Accusync LCD 223WXM monitor with a nVidia G72 (GeForce 7300 
LE) graphics card. Seems like some monitor parameter is not being reset 
properly when leaving dosemu?

My grandson Brian Thompson, solved this for me.

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