Op 28-10-2011 20:03, Mark Brown schreef:
> and thanks to those fixing the high memory and xms drivers so they're solid
> and stable:
> no more tumbling numbers on my notebook.
> and as regards "nobody uses them" below,
> the 1.0 and/or 1.1 test_3 distribution(s) definitely did use them.
> /F /MSG
> most sincerely,

We're continuing a good tradition of using semi-undocumented switches :)
MSDOS: [ http://www.vfrazee.com/ms-dos/6.22/help/command.htm ]

Thanks for proofreading already. Personally I think not that many people 
will be proofreading help texts etcetera till a 1.1 distribution has 
been released. Same for translating or bugfixing.

As for things written using capslock or shift keys, in good old internet 
tradition (netiquette?) it's considered some form of shouting.
To each their own though, be it capitals, *stars*, bold HTML codes or 

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