(I know I'm somewhat late replying, but I guess I needed time to think)

On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 5:55 PM, Michelle Dupuis <mdup...@ocg.ca> wrote:
> Yes - I created the partitions in CentOS' fdisk.  So it's ok to get a pagefull
> of initdisk warnings?
> After I reformatted (using FD's format command) I somehow screwed up
> another one of my partitions (or this is just a hell of a coincidence)...
> ??
> Oh yeah - and I'm using FAT32 (I created a 4GB partition).

I'm not sure, and it's such an arcane art that I'm not sure anybody
truly understands this stuff (esp. not me). Probably Michael Tyc from
BTTR Forum (of BOOTMGR fame) is the one guy offhand who knows a lot
about this. Or of course resident gurus like Eric Auer.   ;-)

Anyways, I halfway suspect (corrections welcome!) that it's just using
the wrong partition id (e.g. 6 instead of 0xC) for LBA. I think
GParted will let you set a flag for "lba". Maybe?? then the warnings
will shut up. (At least I'm weakly certain that whatever format, FD
Format or XFDISK, set the partition id incorrectly for me a few months
back, and I had to manually correct it. And yes it also was a FAT32 4
GB partition, 3rd partition or such. Though not USB, only hard drive.)
Perhaps "SYS CONFIG" has a FORCELBA [kernel? boot sector?] option,
can't remember, but Eric or Bernd would know more.

As for booting or messing with other partitions, I dunno, it could be
anything. It's complicated sharing OSes or booting from USB, which is
why most people don't bother. It's sad but true that emulation
(VirtualBox, QEMU, etc.) is safer and "easier" in most cases.

I regret that I don't have a "perfect" answer for you.

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