2011/11/7 Bret Johnson <bretj...@juno.com>:
>> This is unavoidable. When you intercept system interrupts, you only
>> can safely uninstall when the nobody else has trapped the same
>> interrupt or, in other words, you can only uninstall when the
>> interrupt vector is pointing to the TSR you are trying to uninstall.
> This is an opportunity to jump on my AMIS soap box again, so I will.  This 
> actually IS avoidable when the "involved" programs (in this case, SHSUCDX, 
> VMSMOUNT, and any other programs that may be installed after those) implement 
> AMIS.  IMO, all modern TSR's and device drivers should implement AMIS.

Hi Bret,

I shouldn't have said unavoidable, but "practically unavoidable"...

I'm aware of AMIS. I could implement it in vmsmount. Then you'll only
have to convince the maintainers of shsucdx, doslfn and some more or
less popular proprietary tsrs like ntfs4dos... :)

Please, don't get me wrong. I think AMIS is a great idea, maybe just a
bit too late, and I'm open to consider it for a future release if it
is worth the effort.


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