Hi Karen,

> At the risk of seeming like a baby, may I have a direct link?


mentions at least two builds:




The latter only works if DOSLFN is loaded. Also, the thread
in the forum mentions several times that people have to read
the documentation - there are a few settings related things
and a few limitations that are important to know about, for
example that you cannot yet download files with DOS Dillo.

No version of Dillo yet fully supports Javascript. Also, no
background images and plugins are supported. Linux / Windows
versions support HTTPS SSL, but I think that is not yet part
of the DOS version. All versions of Dillo can support images
in PNG, JPG and GIF (depending on libraries) and limited CSS
and (depending on libraries?) TTF (true type fonts).

Dillo is a lightweight and relatively portable browser and
Georg ported the "FLTK" graphics toolkit which Dillo uses a
while ago already which made him able to now port Dillo :-)

> Looking forward to learning if it will work with my screen reader!

To be honest, I somehow doubt that it would - while Dillo is
lightweight, it features more fancy graphics than Arachne...

To support your screenreader, it would probably have to use
plain text or send the text to some API of your screenreader
software, right? Of course the latter would be interesting,
maybe the API is easy and Georg would be able to help you?

Regards, Eric

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