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   (long rant follows, as usual)

On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 1:22 PM, Eric Auer <e.a...@jpberlin.de> wrote:
> Hi Gerard Oberle,
>> Sup FreeDOS christmas is coming look into this http://financ...
> How is that related to DOS at all? Just some boring finance stuff.
> As you wrote "Sup FreeDOS...", I hope you are not just a spam bot?

Well, I'm no detective, but here's what a naive try turned up:

First, remember that we still get E.D. spam occasionally from one guy
(dieymir ??). Also remember that "fake Aitor"'s comment? (So
insulting. Poor "real" Aitor.) And of course the virus (or whatever)
that hijacked the QBASIC dude. I'm a little leery almost of commenting
on such spam and "outing" it nowadays, mostly because I'd want to
quote it to "prove" it, but I don't want any bots blaming me for
propagating it either!! Plus, as has been proven, some people's names
get dragged through the mud unintentionally. (Stupid spam / malware.)

Anyways, I've never heard of this guy (Gerard), but a quick search did
find at least one post (two years ago) of him about actual FreeDOS
stuff. (He even had two comments, one by you, Eric! Heh.)

"Error loading OS: FAT32-LBA problem or something else?"

Secondly, I'm not a paranoid (though vaguely private) person, so I'm
not adverse to giving basic personal info away on the Internet. Just
so you know, it's not that big a deal, I don't think the government is
out to get me or anything. Still, sometimes I do indeed not trust
people online and don't want to tell them anything, even my name.
Which, BTW, is completely opposite to how real life works, so I don't
see how we're so much more vulnerable online as in the real world.

Long story short:  The stupid linked article really sounds suspicious.
First of all, "Nicole Williams", that's a very generic name, could
even be made up. (My own last name is the same, for instance.
[personal info #1] Though I'm not related, or at least not that I know
of.) And I actually live (vaguely) close to there [personal info #2],
so I can check the phone book! AT&T The Real White Pages June 2012 for
my area only has one "Nicole" (but almost four pages (!) worth of
other Williams, ugh). It lists her as "Dphne" (Daphne). I *really*
don't travel much, so I have no idea why or how anyone would say
Daphne == Fairhope or similar.


Okay, so it's not totally impossible though still weird. And I could
give her a call (she's at home, "working", right?? Heheh.) though I
doubt it's worth it. What would I say, (feigned interest) "How do I
sign up?" Even assuming she exists and is really into this business
doesn't make it a good idea (or even legal).

1). "she filled out a simple online form"
2). "I actually make about $12,000 to $15,000 a month working from
home" (much much higher than the state's average income)
3). "I lost my job shortly after the recession hit" (which was ... ?
2008 ??? what job?? is it even declared a recession until you get out
of it??)
4). "Since they offered the system for about $20 I figured I had
nothing to lose." (But aren't scams that claim unbelievable results
just a way for them to exploit the poor? Isn't $20 a person times a
billion people a lot of income for one company? Isn't that the point,
just enough to make you not feel you lost anything, but do it enough
and it pours in fast ... just don't tell Uncle Sam. And BTW, what do
you "get" for $20 ???)
5). "It's really simple, I am not a computer whiz, but I can use the
internet." (Can't everybody? Yet that won't make you money. Sounds
like spam bullcrap to me, esp. if you aren't actually providing a
concrete service or selling something online.)
6). "The internet economy has grown by leaps and bounds in the
recession, so why not take advantage of the gold rush?" (Was the
Internet really immune to recession? I doubt it. And wasn't the real
[Alaskan?] "gold rush" a big scam / letdown itself? Didn't a lot of
people die or waste their time trying to find what wasn't there??)
7). "under a year ago I was jobless in a horrible economy" (Was the
economy still that bad a year ago? I don't know when the recession
officially started or ended, but I doubt this timeline. Though
admittedly Alabama has always been fairly low-income overall, local
economy has never been very robust.)
8). (comment #1) "Taylor says: 10:50 AM November 30, 2011
The timing of this couldn't be better, my wife and I are struggling
too and this could be our answer."
9). (comment #13) "Ben says: 10:47 PM November 30, 2011
The timing of this couldn't be better, my wife and I are struggling
too and this could be our answer." (see the redundancy??)

10). Home Wealth Formula:
"Special Report from Michelle Starr, the #1 home job consultant in
America" (so that's who's to blame, I suppose)
11). "Important: Read my full report now as only 15 people are
accepted into this program per city at any given time... because of
the personal support given to each new member to ensure everyone's
quick financial success. Don't hesitate... this page is taken down
(literally) when the limit is reached, so read on..." (15 per city?
Yeah, sure, sounds legit, not! Especially when it can disappear at any
time, totally reliable!)
12). "Companies Are Desperate For People Like You To Independently
Post These Links From Home!" ("actual" screenshot says "An Overview of
Google AdWords") (more photos of mansion, yacht, sportscar ...
catching the drift???)
13). "A Free Consultation With A Search Engine Agent Success Advisor!"
(dumb photo of guy w/ two girls, all in business suits. WTF?? SEO at
its best, I guess.)
14). "My Personal 2-Month 'Make Money Or It's Free' Triple
Satisfaction Guarantee..." (God, I really hate business marketing)
15). "The Value You Immediately Receive Is Worth Over $2,000!" ... "A
Special One-Time Investment Of Only $97.00!" (What happened to $20
16). "Please Be Advised: This Special Offer May Expire At Any Time..."
(Sure, if the Feds find out ...)

I mean, seriously, I'm a dummy, but this even insults my own intelligence.

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