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Recently I've dusted off Frotz and am actively working on it now.  One of
the things I'd like to do is incorporate the changes I've made to the core
back to DOS Frotz.  In particular I want to allow DOS Frotz to open blorb
files and get sound and V6 graphics resources from there instead of
seperate files.  I want to make sure the result is usable on the IBM PC
5150.  I have a copy of Turbo C 2.01, which should be good enough.  Does
anyone here have any other suggestions?

Do you actually have an IBM 5150? I'm not saying targeting that is a
bad goal, but indeed it's hard to target something you don't have in
real life in actual hardware. Or is that just your generic target
(aka, 8086)?

I do have a 5150, but it'll take some time and room to get it into working order. I think if I target the 8086 it should be fine. By the way, does anyone here use FreeDOS on a 5150 with any regularity?

I think TC201 is too old to be useful (some bugs, lacks). At the very
least, I'd recommend TC++101 or (even better) OpenWatcom. There are
others too, of course.

And keep in mind that I've only very rarely used Frotz, mostly for
zedfunge / zbefunge, and I've not really used it for playing games,
esp. not gfx ones. The one I ended up preferring was from circa 2000
(Jim Dunleavy? 2.40?), a port to DJGPP. So I would personally start
there (esp. since older 16-bit version was only 2.32, IIRC).


Jim Dunleavy actually hasn't been involved in the Frotz project since 2.40 came out. It was mostly me since then. There were a lot of changes to the Frotz core between 2.32 and 2.40. I think you were noticing those changes.

P.S. IIRC, usosutki (sp?), aka Steve Nickolas, was involved in a port
at some point. He was active on this mailing list a few months ago, so
perhaps he'll respond with better info.

I can't seem to find any reference to him doing anything with Frotz.

David Griffith

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