Hi all,
Yes, that subject line is correct.  While the current edition of lynx, 
circle June 2011 or so  is out there, a new compile for Dos was 
not...until this morning.  Doug has contacted me about testing the new 
package before he releases it.
I told him privately that some had expressed interest in lynx for dos 
lately and that I would see if I could fine a couple of people running 
freedos strictly for example, to test this package.
I do not wish to share the private link with the entire list.
But will pick a few people who write me privately for this goal.
If you are running freedos only, not under a windows structure, and have 
an interest in doing a test let me know off list.
some details about your setup would be welcome as well.
someone else is testing it from  a different dos platform than my  own, I 
use  ms dos 7.1.  Doug has tested it already under Windows 7.
Thanks for your interest,

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