At 03:48 PM 12/22/2011, James Hall wrote:
>Mirroring "abandonware" drivers is a bit uncertain - unless the
>license says we can redistribute them. I agree the original copyright
>holder probably doesn't care; they've gone out of business.

It's highly unlikely that there is any license of any "down the 
drain" hardware manufacturer that would explicitly include any such 
provision. And as Catch 22 goes, you can't get a permission either...

Best option would be either a dedicated web site or maybe one of the 
"Old Computer" museums web sites, but that might be a matter of 
someone doing the work to maintain such an archive....

>But according to Wikipedia <>
>as of early 2011, the dormant AST trademark appears to be being
>relaunched by a new, independent company named DATA ACCESS based in
>France. I don't know if that means they purchased the previous
>copyrights (Beny Alagem, founder of Packard Bell Electronics, bought
>the name and intellectual property of AST Research, Inc. in 1999.)

Saw this too, and I have the strange feeling that this is just 
another "cyber squatter"...


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