At 11:08 AM 12/27/2011, Koh Choon Lin wrote:
>1. Would like to ask how much memory does FreeDOS support, e.g. 4 GiB?
>2. Does it faces 640 KiB limitation as MS-DOS, e.g. Do I have to "load
>high" drivers to save on conventional memory?
>3. Does it support usage of a swap file/partition?

FreeDOS is an MS-DOS 6.00 clone, a 16bit operating system, so it will 
by itself only support 1MB (or 640KB as you mentioned), just as MS-DOS.
More than that can only be access by use of an XMS or EMS compatible 
memory manager. And due to all this, there simply is not a need for 
any swap file/partition (though some memory manager might create/use one)...


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