Hello every one, and also hope everyone had a merry x-mas,Happy New Year,etc. 
Well, I am happy to see the new version, finally got released,..I have been 
watching/waiting for over a year now,  I noticed, in the freedos-user lists, I 
have been recieveing, that quite a few were haveing problems downloading, ? or 
at least it appeared that way, I just now downloaded it,  I am in 
Cuencame,Dgo.Mex.this is the link I 
 And had no problem,..it took about 3 minuetes,maybe 5, useng linux, 
"chromeium" (a google chrome clone),... I suppose, I will make a new partition, 
to install it too, as I also am happy with what I have with the older version,  
I also read, at www.freedos.org, about work being done on adding more utilitys, 
etc,..Something about USB "flash sticks" or drives, would this include, 
portable USB HDs, ?,..this would be something I am more interested in , and 
plan to be trying to do, with the new version, (install to a portable USB HD, 
(samsung, aprox 280gb), however the dos partition, would only be 1 or 2 GB,..? 
so anyway I will be watching for what more comes up along that line,... I very 
rarely post, to the lists, however do read all of the "news letters" as they 
come in, and apreciate the efforts,and work of those more actively involved, in 
makeing free dos available,..etc,..Thanks, from Garry
I decided not

Thank you and have a Good 
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