Hi FreeDOS users and developers !
This is my first time posting to these lists, I hope I'm not breaking etiquette 
in the act.

My question/request is about accepting larger sector sizes for hard disks 
(whether ATA, USB or otherwise connected). USB disk appliances presenting 4k 
sectors only - no emulated 512 byte sectors - are already on the market and in 
our homes (and contrary to popular belief, that includes disks under the 2 
terabytes "limit"; the one I bought is 1 TB "only" and still 4 kbiyte-sectored).

I don't know whether /internal/ (sata) disks with 4k sectors (no emulation) are 
already on the market or not, but there is little doubt they are coming and 
eventually replacing disks having native or emulated 512 byte sectors 
completely in a not so far future.

Is there active work being done on adapting the kernel structures and buffer 
sizes for the new hardware ? Some timeline ?

I for one am ready to test development kernels against my USB disk appliance (1 
TiB Iomega Prestige).

I have filled an enhancement request with similar subj on Sourceforge, however 
it is not clear whether such requests are actively monitored by the fine 
developers, hence this attempt at posting to your mailing list.

Hope this works out well...


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