On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 11:34 AM, Ralf A. Quint <free...@gmx.net> wrote:
> At 07:39 AM 1/11/2012, dmccunney wrote:
>>Please recall that DesqView, DesqViewX, GEM, and Windows through 9.X
>>were precisely GUIs strapped onto a DOS environment.
> Just for the record, DesqView is not a GUI, but a text mode
> multi-tasking/task-switching add-on for DOS and basically an
> extension to Quarterdesk's QEMM memory manager.

DesqView/X was a GUI, but point taken.  They were all shells on top of
DOS.  (I ran DesqView, back in the day.  It worked surprisingly well.
I recall one BBS sysop running four instances of a Wildcat BBS on a
25mhz AT under DV.  He could have 4 nodes connected to four modems and
operating simultaneously on on machine.

> And the name GUI means "Graphical User Interface". Basically handling
> common tasks by more visual means rather than having to use/type
> various and possibly long command line instructions.

Yes, but I don't see why such a thing shouldn't exist for DOS.  GUIs
took over the world for a reason.

> What people nowadays seem to expect that they get all the new fluff
> of newer developments in operating systems instead of sticking with
> the original meaning of the term as far as the use of "GUI" in
> relation to (Free)DOS goes...

Well, not if they are trying to use DOS, they don't.  (If they do,
they get disabused of the notion very quickly.)

> Ralf

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