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Am 11.01.2012 um 18:27 schrieb Bernd Blaauw:

> Op 11-1-2012 0:58, Ulrich Hansen schreef:
>> I have started a VirtualBox HowTo in our FreeDOS wiki.
> That looks great, you've done an awesome job at posting such a detailed 
> guide. I'm so happy I kept things simple for now so not that many issues 
> will arise.

Thanks! Congratulations to your own good work! The installation process seemed 
a lot easier to me than with 1.0. 
And the unfortunate network setup of 1.0 is gone, which is great. And we have a 
clean boot menu where all four options actually work (not just the first 3).

> Thanks for your guide, I hope Jim will link it from the download page.

I made a link to it from the HOWTO page in our wiki [1]. 

Today I added the description of the heat problems you get with DOS systems in 
VirtualBox [2] Since now I had this page on my own server. But now we have a 
place of information about VirtualBox in our wiki, it makes more sense to put 
the information there.


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