Thanks ...

> It is not a menu item, just a dedication :-(
> the same respect to Pat can be shown even
> without the highlighting of that item/line

and allowing to select it ;-)

> What types of HD do you have? IDE, SATA, USB?

IDE, and there is a FAT16 partition on.

> Maybe because there actually is no "harddisk"
> in the sense of "FAT partition useable by DOS"

there are some files installed after ... BTW, it says "no HD"
but later it says "C: 500 MB free" before it starts installing,
if I select "install to harddisk"

(other discussion)

> Some quick feedback:
> In the last 40 minutes, we've had 15 people
> download the fd11src.iso release via the web site.

would be nice to know how many people actually installed it
successfully on a __REAL__ PC ;-)

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