Eric Auer <> wrote :

> Interestingly, even 3 TB disks are still sold with 512 byte sectors.

Conversely, even 1 TB USB disks are already sold with 2048 byte sectors ;=)

(...snipping much...)

> By the way - a DRIVER could interface with any disk with
  any sector size and then just provide an int13 or int25/26
  interface with 512 byte "sector" size for data transfer to

This scheme won't work if the disk has to be usable aslo in other OSes like 
Windows XP, Linux, etc. that recognise the 4k sectors natively !

Someone, maybe not Eric, asked what I have been using for accessing USB mass 
storage in DOS. Answer : a version of Panasonic's USBASPI.SYS.
This allows access to 4k sectors using SCSI commands.

A DOS driver similar to DI1000DD.SYS would be needed in order to access and  
"mount" the partitions. /Of course/ the standard DI1000DD has /hard coded/ 512k 
sector size for hard disks - but even it it was hacked/rewritten so it  would 
transfer 4k sectors to/from the USBASPI interface, it won't work untill the DOS 
kernel work buffer and structures are adapted. I'm eager to see this 
prioritised, even though I am afraid I can't help - never learned  C  :( 



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