Op 18-1-2012 0:04, Bob Cochran schreef:
> Thanks everyone for all the responses. I guess there is not a how-to for
> creating a bootable FreeDOS CD? That is, it takes fiddling and
> experimentation and a successful method has not been posted to the
> FreeDOS wiki? The point of greatest interest is what files are needed on
> the CD, exactly (including all their dependencies...so if command.com
> has dependencies, I'd need to include those.) Also how exactly to make
> the CD bootable in a "FreeDOS acceptable" way.

Everything depends on what you want. Direct floppy emulation is the 
easiest, many Windows CD-writing programs support that (Imgburn for 

1) Download a bootable floppy image (MSDOS or FreeDOS)
2) Open in WinImage, change size to 2.88MB or leave at 1.44MB
3) Delete all contents besides kernel.sys and command.com.
4) Insert flasher program and the BIOS file (if it even fits anymore on 
floppy nowadays).
5) Add an autoexec.bat that executes the flash program. Only if you're 
absolutely sure though and want to automate. This can ruin systems if 
things go wrong!
6) Save the image
7) Open Imgburn, Nero or whatever, create a bootable CD and supply the 
floppy image file you saved in step 6.

My own requirements for FreeDOS CD go a lot further with regard to 
bootloader, floppy contents, detecting CD contents, executing it etc. 
Slightly more complex, I'm afraid.

> I really would like to be able to create such a CD and get the BIOS up
> to date.

See if any of the various responses are enough to help you out. A 
bootdisk can generally be obtained from www.bootdisk.img (but those 
images are executables with WinImage compression, so you need to open 
WinImage, then select to open an image and look for your saved floppy 
image file)

> I deeply appreciate advice on how to really do it. I will fiddle with
> Alain's suggestion, I did something close to that a few months ago in a
> very similar effort but evidently missed some important step.

Goodluck doing so. I'm working on creating a remaster ability in FreeDOS 
which has limited use because there's most CD-recording software in DOS 
is Linux-based and thus depends on something called ASPI, for which only 
paid legal solutions exist.

> Bob

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